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The Byseee School and Community Project

Since 2020, Catholic Women Speak has been supporting the Byseee School and community project in Freetown, Sierra Leone, run by CWS members Yema Jusufu and Edita Fofana. We are committed to sending £300 every month, which helps to provide the children with one school lunch a week, as well as contributing towards salaries, maintenance, supplies, and running costs. Find out more.

All our funding for the Byseee Project comes from CWS supporters and associates. We collect through JustGiving, and 100% of all money donated is sent to the project via Western Union. There are no deductions for overheads, which are covered separately.

Latest News from the Byseee Project
October 2023

Please watch this short video for the latest news and photographs from Yema.

Previous news updates and videos

A holistic Catholic education for girls

The school, which comes under the auspices of St Peter the Rock Parish in Calaba town in Freetown, offers a wide range of educational and care facilities to women and children, particularly orphans, girls from broken homes, and single mothers. While the school takes some boys as well as girls, its main focus is on educating girls to give them a sense of personal dignity and self-esteem after the traumas of war and amidst the ongoing challenges of poverty, violence and abuse.

Why Byseee?

When asked to explain the puzzling spelling of the name "Byseee", Yema wrote that their late mother was asked to start a girls' school by parents in the community. She had six children - three girls and three boys - and she used the initials of each of her children to name the school:

Bernadette - Yema - Sydney - Edward - Elis - Edita = Byseee

children and teachers1.png

A well for drinking water

In addition to helping with salaries, maintenance, and learning materials, our monthly contributions have funded the digging of a well that provides clean drinking water to the school and the community.

School lunches

The children often arrive at school without having eaten. We fund one free school lunch a week. If we could attract more donations, we would increase this to two lunches a week.


Our Partnership with Ursuline High School, Wimbledon

Ursuline High School2.png

Thanks to generous funding from Ursuline High School in London, Wimbledon, we have been able to provide the school with computers so that girls can learn IT skills before going to high school. The picture shows the cramped space with only a few computers for all the students. The facilities are currently being updated.

A thank you message from one of the students
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