List of Contents


Foreword, Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ

Introduction, Editorial Team (click here to read the Introduction in Italian)

PART ONE – Traditions and Transformations

Introduction to Part One

‘Women in the Church:  models of the past – challenges of today’, Cettina Militello (click here to read the full version of this article in Italian)

‘The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Women’, Ursula King

‘Imago Dei: sexual difference and human becoming’, Janet Martin Soskice

‘Jesus and Women: “You are set free”’, Elizabeth Johnson

‘Who is Christ for African Women?’, Anne Arabome

‘Latin American Women: in Mary’s footsteps or in her shadow?’, Carolina del Río Mena (click here to read this essay in Spanish)

‘The Motherhood of the Church: Mary, the quotidian and the people of God’, Cristina Lledo Gomez

‘Reclaiming Traditions: Catholic and Muslim women in dialogue’, Trish Madigan

 PART TWO – Marriage, Families and Relationships

Introduction to Part Two

 ‘Catholics, Families and the Synod of Bishops: views from the pews’, Julie Clague

 ‘Catholic Families: theology, reality and the Gospel’, Lisa Sowle Cahill

‘The Love That Crosses Lines: the graced transgressions of family life’, Clare Watkins

‘What on Earth Can Complementarity Actually Be?’, Sara Maitland

‘Saint Anne – a Saint for Today? A Reflection on Grandmothers and Holy Families’, Tina Beattie

‘Welcome but Not Welcome: going to Mass with my Baptist husband’, Margaret Watson,

Marriage and Divorce: telling our stories

‘Divorce and remarriage through the eyes of a child’, Alison Concannon Kennedy

‘Traumatic divorce and sacramental healing’, Pippa Bonner

 ‘A very faithful rebel’, Anna Cannon

‘Marriage, Sexuality and Contraception: natural law, moral discernment and the authority of the Church’, Jean Porter

Conscience and Contraception: telling our stories

 ‘Natural family planning: sharing the struggles’, Rachel Espinoza and Tawny Horner

‘My mother’s burden’, Olive Barnes

‘Vatican roulette’, Amelia Beck

‘Wanting a different life’, Giovanna Solari

‘A “millennial’s” perspective’, Emma Jane Harris

‘Same-sex Marriage and the Catholic Community’, Margaret Farley

Same-sex Love: telling our stories

‘Living under the radar, or celebrating family in all its forms?’ Sophie Stanes and Deborah Woodman

‘The glory of God is a person fully alive’, Ursula Halligan

‘Getting Hooked: being lesbian and becoming Catholic’, Eve Tushnet

‘Being Good and Doing Bad? Virtue ethics and sexual orientation’, Katie Grimes

‘“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Women’s experience of celibacy’, Janette Gray

 ‘Singled Out: the vocation to solitude’, Patricia Stoat

PART THREE – Poverty, Exclusion and Marginalisation

Introduction to Part Three

‘“A Mysticism of Open Eyes”: Catholic women’s voices from a marginal neighbourhood of Buenos Aires’, Ana Lourdes Suárez and Gabriela Zengarini  (click here to read the full-length version of this essay in Spanish)

‘Challenging Families: Indian women speak from the margins’, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala

‘Reading the Signs of the Times: maternal mortality and reproductive rights’, Nontando Hadebe

 ‘Maternal Migration and Paternal Responsibility in the Philippines: challenges for the Church’, Agnes Brazal

PART FOUR – Institutions and Structures

Introduction to Part Four

The Role of Women in the Church’, Mary Aquin O’Neill

‘Breathing With Only One Lung: where are the women’s voices in the Synods?’, Lucetta Scaraffia
(click here to read this article in Italian)

‘It’s Not All About Eve: women in the lectionary’, Christine Schenk

 ‘“The Apostle to the Apostles”:  women preaching the good news’, Madeleine Fredell

‘Young Catholic Women Working in Ministry: blessings, challenges and hopes’, Rhonda Miska
(click here to read this article in Spanish)

‘On Elephants, Angels and Trust: the structure of the Church and Catholic families’, Catherine Cavanagh

Epilogue, Editorial Team